A friend of the Nurmagomedov family: "Do not rejoice, there will be no return of Khabib"

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Ramazan Rabadanov, commentator and friend of the Nurmagomedov family, commented on the resumption of the career of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“Khabib has a big game, hidden politics, in which he uses White. This is big business.

For Khabib, such forces were harnessed that a fight of even 100 million is not a goal. There is another level. The interests of Russia were used. Do not rejoice, there will be no return of Khabib.

Nurmagomedov is too strict with himself and his words to break his promise and move away from his words for the sake of fame and a couple of tens of millions of dollars.

In the actions of Khabib, one can see the desire to keep the belt of the lightweight champion as long as possible. For what?

So that his closest ally, Islam Makhachev, could get as close as possible to the champion title, and then pass it on to his comrade with peace of mind. The belt is rolling, ”Rabadanov said.

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