Goncharenko about Rondon: “He had an offer from Manchester United a year ago. CSKA needed some kind of forward after Gaich left "

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CSKA head coach Viktor Goncharenko commented on the transfer of striker Jose Salomon Rondon to the team.

“Rondon needs no introduction. Russian fans know him well. Rubin, Zenit, then the English Premier League. He had an offer from Manchester United a year ago. I could go to a big club.

Fortunately for us, he ended up in CSKA. After Gaich left on loan, we needed some kind of forward.

If you look at our championship, go through the clubs: Zenit - Dzyuba and Azmun, Spartak - Sobolev, well, Ponce is a little smaller, Dynamo - Komlichenko. Well, in Krasnodar, Berg, perhaps, does not quite fit in.

A tall striker who can work well with his back to the opponent's goal has experience. By the way we play in attack, we need a forward who can put pressure in the penalty area.

From all sides we believe that it suits us very well. We want to implement it as soon as possible, ”Goncharenko said.

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