Guberniev on Loginov's doping: “People cannot learn three words in English for press conferences. Why should they understand what the doctor is offering them? "

guberniev o dopinge loginova lyudi ne mogut vyuchit tri slova po anglijski dlya press konferentsij pochemu oni dolzhny ponimat chto im predlagaet doktor

Commentator Dmitry Guberniev shared his opinion that the world champion in biathlon Alexander Loginov does not talk about the anti-doping rule violation for which he was serving a suspension.

- Do you think the time has not come for Loginov to tell about what happened to him?

- Then it will be necessary to ask not only Loginov. For example, at Zubkov's - what happened to him? And what happened to Yaroshenko and Yuryeva, for example, in 2008-2009?

- I will reformulate the question: are the athletes doing the right thing, that they are silent and, in fact, do not give up those who ...

- According to the law, the athlete is to blame, so it is difficult to imagine what they think. Maybe there are some pitfalls, I don't know. I think that often, probably, the athletes did not know.

- That is, you admit that they were not aware of?

- Looking at some of our athletes, I admit it. Quite because you see that people, speaking for 10 years in the international arena, cannot learn three words of English in order to speak at press conferences. Why, in fact, should they understand what the doctor is offering them - vitamins or multivitamins? Therefore, it's hard for me to say, - Guberniev noted in an interview for the YouTube channel of Vasily Konov.

Loginov has been living under continuous bullying for three years. And I seem to get used to this exclusion zone

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