Kovalchuk scored minus 2 with Avtomobilist. He has minus 8 in 8 appearances for Avangard

kovalchuk nabral minus 2 s avtomobilistom u nego minus 8 v 8 matchah za avangard

Avangard lost to Avtomobilist (1: 4) in the KHL regular championship match.

The striker of the Omsk team, Ilya Kovalchuk, did not score with effective points in 18 minutes and 47 seconds of playing time, earning a usefulness indicator of "-2".

The forward was on the ice during Avtomobilist's third and fourth goals.

Kovalchuk played 8 matches for Avangard. His overall utility score during this time is "-8". He has 7 (3 + 4) points. Player statistics can be viewed here.

Avangard have lost 3 matches in a row. Hartley's team led the way every game

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